A Special Thank You to Gano AD - "Applied Development"
The Web Design & Development Company that brought our vision to fruition.

United States National Militia approached multiple Website Development companies with our project, only to be turned down time and time again mostly due to the sensitivity of a "militia" Website.
The few remaing Web Designers were quoting over $30,000 due to the magnitude of such a Website (hundreds of pages, thousands of internal links, and well over a few thousand images)

We at the U.S. National Militia feel truly blessed to have been introduced to web designer Gano AD.

Gano AD isn't just another Web Design & Development Company. Both the owner and his entire team are STRONG Second Amendment Rights supporters and members of the NRA. When we explained our vision and goal with the United States National Militia, Gano AD was in! They too quoted a similar price for the size of our project, but were so impressed with our cause and content that price was no longer an issue. After hopeless months of searching for a Web Designer with the "balls" to take on our project and meet our financial situation, we found a perfect match. They too carry fundamental principles in ethics and morality that surpass greed and the "quick buck".

United States National Militia now works together with Gano AD on a daily baisis. They do not just design and develop our website, but help organize our content as well as research leagal issues we were previously unaware of. They have secured ten similar domain names, server hosting, unlimited e-mail accounts, and unlimited custom graphic design updates. We watched these guys practically build this site from the ground up, coding our Website in computer languages that look like giberish. We were assured absolute satisfaction which they have surpassed in every way.
So we would like to give a special thank you to Gano Applied Development at www.GanoAD.com for your relentless vigor and support for the United States National Militia!