A Message From Our Founding Father
The inspiration behind the United States National Militia

WARNING: the following story is VERY SERIOUS and not for the light of heart.

In August of 2011, I was walking home to my appartment on a Saturday night. While making my way back, I could hear footsteps approaching from my rear. As I heard a man mumble some words, I turned to find a snub nosed revolver pointed in my face. I was not living in the best of neighborhoods and this was the third time I was being held up at gun point. In a situation similar to this, the best option is to give the assailant your money and not risk losing your life, but this time was different. The man had a strange look in his eye and a smirk on his face. After handing him the money from my wallet, he didn't run as the two previous muggers had. Something in my gut told me I needed to react immediately or I was a dead man. The following altercation occured in the blink of an eye. Having some training in Krav Maga and Mixed Martial Arts, my instincts kicked in. In a single motion, I was able to throw a left hand block to push the firearm away from my face while tilting my head to the right to exit the line of fire. With my right hand I was able to reach an 8 inch letter opener from my back pocket and run it through the assailants heart. It was an extremely bloody and traumatic ordeal. The Great State of Florida follows the "Stand Your Ground" law which allows a civilian to use deadly force in a public location if they feel threatened for their life. I knew this was clear cut self-defense and had no qualms with the following five hour police investigation in an interigation room. Unfortunately, the only witnesses were myself and the assailant who was now in critical condition in ICU and remained in a coma for the folowing two weeks. What happened next was abhorring and changed my life forever. While the gun toting ganster spent a few weeks in the hospital only to be released back to the public, I spent the next month in a jail cell with a $100,000 bond awaiting a 15 year maximum security prison sentence for Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon. The system had failed me. I spent $20,000 hiring the best lawyer and private investigator I could find. The private investigator spent two weeks staking out the assailant's house with audio and video surveillance, later providing the prosecutor with exonerating evidence, hence dropping/disposing the case and releasing me from jail.
I had much time alone while incarcerated to anylize why someone would inflict such suffering on another with heinous violence. I had overwhelming feelings of what I can only describe as "truth and magnitude", but I seem to have roots grounded in reasoning and logic which forced me to consolidate my feelings into a reasonable and presentable fashion to myself as well as others. What arose from my violent incident and following incarceration lead the the creation of the United States National Militia, where I found a calling to educate the public on how to control their fear, learn the skills they need to protect their right to life, and provide a structured set of principles in morality and ethics to defend others' liberties so that these types of crimes will not go unpunished.