About The United States National Militia
U.S. National Militia - protecting our rights and defending your liberties...

Militia: an organization consisting of a body of citizens called to service in emergency only.

The U. S. National Militia is an organization with no ties to the government or a political party. Any American can join the United States National Militia for free with no fear of commitment, for we are strictly volunteer. In time of emergency, United States National Militia will assist in law enforcement, riot control, re-establishing communications, search and rescue, and disaster relief. We are first responders creating organization and structure where there is only disconnection and chaos. When the government, military, and law enforcement fail to act, the U.S. National Militia will be there to protect your rights and help those in need.

We all saw what happened after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. The police and National Gaurd were nowhere to be seen. Criminals ran the streets looting, raping, and murdering their fellow citizens. The United States National Militia is always on call and ready to protect civilians when the government cannot. We see a gap in the abilities of the government to adequately maintain control of emergency situations. As prepared citizens, the U. S. National Militia does not require the lengthy decision making proccesses that politicians are so well known for, and our organization can immediately respond to a crisis without being bogged down by timely protocals. Because the U. S. National Militia is strictly volunteer, we choose to run towards a threat to help our countrymen rather than running away as most paid police will, as seen by the New Orleans Police Department. We are first responders taking matters into our own hands until governmental control can be re-estabolished.