Armor Overview
Surviving Combat

The ballistic testing results on different levels of Body Armor are catagorized under the NIJ 0101.05 standards.These results will help United States National Militia members to choose which level of armor best suits their needs. Level II-A ballistic vests and Level II ballistic vests will stop most smaller caliber pistol rounds, when fired from a pistol barrel, and can be easily concealed under a T-shirt. Level III-A Body Amor will stop more powerfull pistol rounds, as well as pistol rounds fired from a carbine rifle. The Level III-A ballistic vest can either be concealed under a T-shirt (if one has the resources to purchase a thinner vest using materials such as GoldFlex), or conceald under a larger shirt as is with a typical Level III-A ballistic vest. Most vests are sold with a nylon shell containing instert pockets for Rifle Plates. The United States National Militia recommends purchasing a vest with an optional MOLLIE tactical shell which allows the wearer to carry an assortment of gear on the outside of the vest (knives, pistol, ammo pouches, multi-tool, etc.). When adding gear to a tactical shell, the vest will only be concealble under a hoodie sweatshirt or windbreaker. OTV stands for Outer Tactical Vest. OTVs are Level III-A ballistic vests with a built in tactical shell and insert pockets. These vests are thick and not ment to be concealed. They are often found with added side and groind protection. Tactical Accessories such as Level III-A ballistic shoulder, forearm, and dropleg Body Armor can be added for additional protection, as well as a Level III-A ballistic back pack with insert pockets to protetct any ammunition or supplies one may be carrying. It is important to note that thicker ballistic material with help prevent against blunt trama and blade slashes but WILL NOT protect against a knife stab, for the point on a blade will pierce between the weaving on ballistic armor. Insert pockets found on the shell of a concealable vest or within an OTV can allow for greater protection when inserted with steel, ceramic, or polyester to stop a rifle round or knife point. Rifle Plate Inserts have their differences when it comes to cost, weight, and concealability. Other less expensive and lighter weight inserts are available sush as Blunt Trama Inserts and Stab Inserts.

Level II-A

~4mm thick.


Level III-A Outer Tactical Vest.

Level II

~5mm thick.

Tactical Accessories

Level III-A ballistic add-ons.

Level III-A

~8mm-10mm thick.


Rifle Plate, Blunt Trama, Stab.

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