Tactical Gear
Preparing for the Call of Duty...

Every militia member should own entirely black Tactical Gear including:

  • tactical vest with MOLLIE
  • tactical pants
  • duty belt
  • tactical boots
  • tinted safety glasses
  • elbow and knee pads
  • We recommend sporting U.S. National Militia Gear, such as our Badge, Patch, Dog Tags, T-shirt, Head Cap, and Wrist Band in order to acknowledge your authority and organization and prevent confusion with other first responders. Our U.S. National Militia Gear store is currently underdevelopment. If a militia member has not had the chance to purchase official gear, then wearing an ORANGE arm band will suffice.

    U.S. National Militia Gear
    Acknowledge Your Authority.

    U.S. National Militia

    Providing the gear our militia members need to represent their organization.