Just as important as a firearm, knives can be used as both a weapon and survival tool.

The United States National Militia agrees that there are many uses for knives. A Folding blade can be crucial for a myriad of circumstances; constant daily carry, quick to open with one hand, and often found with blade lengths under 4" allowing concealed carry without a permit in most states. Folding blades (such as pocket knives) have their purpose as everyday tools but cannot stand up to rigorous use in the field and tend to dull, chip, fracture, and flat out break under torque. Also, folding blades often do not have the length to pierce deep enough to puncture vital organs, making them less likely to incapacitate the target. Fixed blades (due to their strength, size, and reliabilty) can be used as weapons and/or survival tools. All fixed blades we review will be catagorized into Combat Knives, Tactical Knives, and Boot/Neck Knives, while all folding blades will be catagorized as either fast release, assited openers, or gravity knives (balisongs). There are hundreds of companies manufacturing knives and thousands of different models. We have narrowed down the competion to only six knife manufacturers worthy of United States National Militia use; SOG, KA-BAR, and Cold Steel take the cake for best prodction made fixed blades, while Benchmade, Kershaw, and Spyderco win out for folding blades.


Fixed Blades


Folding Blades

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