A weapon no militia member should be without.

The United States National Militia acknowledges pistols as an absolute necessity. Whether or not a militia member is on active duty, we recommend that militia members purchase a concealed weapons permit, learn their local carry laws, and carry a pistol with them at all times. The United States National Miltia also recommends owning at least one semi-automatic and one revolver. Semi-automatics can hold more rounds in a magazine than a revolver can hold in a chamber, and semi-automatics can more accurately fire rounds in rapid succession than is possible with a revolver. On the other hand, semi-automatics require much more maintenance to keep in working order (constant cleaning of moving parts and periodically leaving magazines unloaded to prevent permanent warping of the spring inside the magazine) while revolvers require very little maintenance (easy to clean and not as often, can keep chamber fully loaded at all times and ready to fire with no safety). What is most important to consider when purchasing a pistol is that the owner is comfortable with the weapon, but due to the advantages and disadvantages of both pistol types, if a militia member has the resources to purchase two pistols, the United States National Militia promotes owing a semi-automatic that fires smaller caliber ammunition such as 5.57x28mm, 9x19mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP along with owning a powerful revolver capable of a single "man stopper" round such as .45 Long Colt, .357 magnum, .44 magnum, or .454 Casuall. If concealbility isn't an issue, then the .460 magnum and .500 magnum should drop a charging bear in it's tracks... If a militia member is on a limited budget, the good ol' .38 snub nosed revolver is always an exccellent choice. Because of the advantages and disadvantages of both firearm types, the United States National Militia finds it most ideal to sleep with a loaded revolver next to your bed incase of home intrusion. Carry your semi-automatic conealed durring the day but unload the rounds from the magazines at least once a month or alternate the magazines you have loaded before going to sleep to prevent magazine spring warp and just load them again in the morning before carry.





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