The basic weapon of modern combat.

No soldier should ever be without a good rifle. The United States National Militia recommends owning at least two rifles; a Carbine or Standard Rifle for urban encounters and a Sniper Rifle or Marksman Rifle for the open rural environment. Owning both a Carbine and Sniper Rifle are ideal, but if a militia member is on a limited buget, there is the option of simply owning a high quality Standard Rifle that can double as a Marksman Rifle. Accuracy depends on muliple variables; velocity and grain of a bullet, tolorance between the chamber and barrel, whether that barrel is fixed or free floating, and personal skill. Velocity can be increased by using a longer barrel or more powerful round. The tightest tolorances between the chamber and barrel are found on bolt-action rifles and/or rifles with a free floating barrel. For example, M16 variants have a tight tolorances between chamber and barrel and provide a fairly accurate shot, while the AK-47 variants leave alot of "slop" between the chamber and barrel allowing for less chance of jaming but in doing so create poor accuracy. This is why the United States National Militia does not promote using AK-47 variants on Active Duty. They may be fun for the range, but if you share a bias towards the AK-47, move to Russia, China, or the infamous "sand box" of the middle east.. This is America and we only accept the best. Finally, the single most important variable for accuracy is one's own personal skill. Practice makes perfect, so hit the range as often as possible.



-Barrel length of less than 20"


Sniper Rifles

-Accurate up to 1,100 yards


Standard Rifles

-Barrel length of 20"


Marskman Rifles

-Accurate up to 550 yards

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