Riot Control
Less leathal force for subduig a violent mob..

While on Active Duty, the United States National Militia will often need to suppress angry mobs but without the use of lethal force. In these specific cirumstances, firearms and knives should not be used unless the situation escalates where individuls in the mob draw lethal weapons of their own. The best tools for suppressing an angry mob are Pepper Spray and Batons. Pepper Spray can be purchased in many forms ranging from small containers of stream or shotgun spray shooting up to 15ft, to large riot containers similar to fire estiguishers that can disperse an entire mob. Batons become usefull if your Pepper Spray becomes depleted or you find yourself overwhelmed by attackers. It should be noted that a militia member should never target the head when using a baton for it may be lethal. Again, firearms and knives should only be used if the situation escalates out of control and members of the mob draw lethal weapons. Only then should a militia member match that escalation with a firearm and only at targets that present a lethal threat. Serious leagality issues come into play when using weapons against unarmed riotters so lethal force should be reserved as a last resort when dealing with riot control. This is why the United States Nationl Militia promotes owning Riot Control gear and Body Armor for situational use on Active Duty. Riot Control gear and Body Armor sections are located in Militia Supplies under "Supplies" at the top of this site. Procedures for dealing with Riot Control are found under "Members" at the top of this site.


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